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                           Evangelism: The Mission and Purpose 

All of us have a calling on us at some time in our life. "Visions" is a short story that tells of God's calling on my life. He led me from mainstream America into the world of the Native Nations! It was there that God gave me my mission and purpose in life. It was shortly after my initiation into the world of the Native American's that I got my call! "Michael! It is a Friend! Go and teach your people about me!"

That call, which at first shook me to the core, eventually led me deep into the world of my ancestry. I am a member of the Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma and affiliated with the Eastern Miami Indians of Indiana. I would spend many wonderful years of my life learning and experiencing the culture of one of the most Spiritually blessed people of God's creation.

That call eventually led me into formal ministry within the Christian Church where I am now an Elder appointed within the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church. I have been under appointment now for thirteen years. I pastor the Mt. Scott Kiowa and Mt. Scott Comanche United Methodist Churches located in the heart of America's breadbasket. Native Nations Ministries is my Evangelistic outreach unto the Traditional Native People of America.

There is a great need to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Stomp Dance, Powwow, and Sweat Lodges where the Traditional Natives continue to worship the Creator, and have for over ten thousand years. Native Nations Ministries' mission and purpose is "Uniting the Native Peoples of America in Christ!"  Bringing Christian Natives and Traditional Natives back into a common family! Native Nations Ministries is a result of the call from God to, "Go and teach your people about me!" Jesus is the Creator and the Light of this world! May God Bless Us All!

                            Sincerely,  Rev. Michael A. Eddy


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